Five Free AI Office Tools to Boost Work Efficiency and Automate Workflows

In recent years, with the rise of the AI wave, a large number of articles, videos, and even paid courses that introduce "how to integrate AI into work" or "how to collaborate with AI" have emerged like mushrooms after the rain. However, we believe that a standardized AI collaboration template may not be applicable to all work scenarios due to different work natures and habits. Providing users with flexible integration of AI tools can truly integrate into different workflows and solve difficulties encountered in work.

In this article, we share five free AI tools, all with highly customizable features. You can choose and try according to your needs to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks, focusing your energy and time on creative and strategic work.

Table of Contents

  • Zapier — Cross-platform automation
  • Grammarly — English grammar and sentence rewriting
  • Tricuss — Personalized assistant
  • SlidesGo — Presentation creation
  • ChatGPT — Question answering and chatting

Zapier — Cross-platform Automation

Zapier is an online tool that helps with synchronizing content across platforms. By connecting two or more applications and services, users can save a lot of repetitive tasks such as 'copy and paste' and 'cross-referencing'.

The interface is user-friendly for those without programming skills and covers a variety of commonly used applications on the market, such as Google Workspace, Meta Business Suite, Notion, Asana, Slack, etc. Users can connect platforms that need to be switched between according to their work habits, customizing their own "Zaps," each representing an integrated task.

Example: Creating data in Google Sheet while automatically sending reminder notifications from Gmail
Photo credit: Zapier

Grammarly — English Grammar and Sentence Proofreading

Grammarly is a tool that assists in correcting spelling and grammar. Unlike the familiar text proofreading feature in Microsoft Word, Grammarly allows users to set different writing styles according to different usage scenarios, such as business, creative, everyday styles. AI also reads the context of the article, providing the most suitable idiomatic suggestions.

Grammarly supports browser extension, allowing users to produce the most accurate sentences across different online platforms.

*Photo credit: Grammarly*
Photo credit: Grammarly

Tricuss — Personalized AI Assistant

Tricuss is a tool that allows setting up a personalized AI assistant according to different work scenarios. It can also connect platforms that match user habits, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Notion, etc. Notably, all interactions can be completed in WhatsApp chat rooms or LINE chat rooms, without the need for additional app downloads, allowing interaction anytime, anywhere, just like chatting with a real assistant!

→💫 Use Tricuss Personalized AI Assistant

Using AI translation assistant, completing translation in LINE chat room
Using AI translation assistant, completing translation in LINE chat room

The most popular feature currently is the AI schedule assistant, where you can enter schedules via text in chat rooms to complete calendar and meeting scheduling in one click. No need to manually create calendars anymore, avoiding errors in input, omission of information, and forgetting to create calendars!

Often, messages we receive can be very mixed, for instance, messages that simultaneously contain meeting times, locations, outlines, pleasantries, other information, can be sent entirely to the schedule assistant, helping you extract important meeting information and add it to the calendar.

Completing calendar creation in LINE chat room
Completing calendar creation in LINE chat room
Tricuss AI schedule assistant can create calendars for you with large amounts or various complex meeting information

→💫 Use Tricuss AI Schedule Assistant

SlidesGo AI Presentation—Presentation Creation

For those with a high demand for presentation creation, SlidesGo should be familiar. The website originally offered a large number of free presentation templates for download, allowing users to choose suitable templates based on different styles or occasions. The newly introduced SlidesGo AI Presentation feature allows users to let AI complete the presentation creation by entering theme keywords, tone, language, number of pages, etc., significantly saving time on layout, image search, and text writing.

*Photo Credit: SlidesGo*
Photo Credit: SlidesGo

ChatGPT—Question Answering and Chatting

The free version of ChatGPT is based on the GPT-3.5 architecture and allows users to interact with AI using natural language (the language pattern of human conversation), enabling AI to answer questions, explain concepts, provide suggestions, etc. It is often used for multiple language translations (much more accurate than Google Translate), code writing, large document formatting, article summarizing, etc. Any question you can think of, you can try asking ChatGPT; any work you can think of, you can try delegating to ChatGPT.

Untitled (6).png

It's important to note, just like your assistant, colleague, or supervisor, when delegating tasks or work to ChatGPT, clear and explicit instructions are required for precise content generation. Thus, how to enter precise prompts is recommended reading:

5 Useful ChatGPT Prompts for Precise Work Goals

This can help you interact better with ChatGPT!

If you've already mastered how to interact with ChatGPT, we also recommend using Tricuss Personalized AI Assistant, saving your frequently used commands (prompts) for more efficient AI collaboration.

Usage example.gif

That concludes our sharing, "Automating AI workflows" and "AI collaboration" have become the trend today. However, it's hard to apply a single AI teaching course to different workflows and scenarios. Therefore, we recommend you first examine your own workflow, consider whether there are parts that can be delegated to AI robots, usually clerical work (e.g., replying to emails, simple document translation, summarization), repetitive work (e.g., creating calendars, copying and pasting information between different interfaces), and then choose the right AI tool for you, to truly help accelerate your work efficiency!